Cossacks: European Wars

Cossacks: European Wars is a real time strategy based game developed by GSV Game World and published by CDV. The game is set in the Europe of seventeenth and eighteenth century. Cossacks: European Wars was released on 13 September, 2002 and is available for Microsoft Windows only. The gameplay is similar to games like Age of empires, civilization and Imperium Galactica but the fact that kept it apart from them lies in controlling the infinite units at a time. Other related games are Cossacks 2: Napoleon Wars and American Conquest. Cossacks: European Wars demo free download is given at the end.

Like other games based on the colonization, Cossacks: European Wars also relies on basic amenities like food, wood, gold, stone, iron and coal. Minerals are obtained from mines, food from mills and wood by conventional means. The gameplay of Cossacks: European Wars exhibits what was there in Europe when most of the European nations were fighting with each another over the resources. There are large numbers of both civil and military units that can be created in the game. Each unit require certain number of resources and every depleted resource in Cossacks: European Wars penalizes the community. So they have to use resources honestly in Cossacks: European Wars.

Military units are very vast in Cossacks: European Wars. There is cavalry, infantry, artillery and weaponry like mortars and cannons. Game also features naval combat and attack on enemy monuments. Cossacks: European Wars feature of controlling infinite units is marvelous. The only game to resemble this feature of the game is Total War. No other game has been able to show this feature. The nations participating in the Cossacks: European Wars are England, France, Austria, Algeria, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Bavaria, Portugal, Prussia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Venice, Turkey and Saxony. Every nation has its own number of resources, units and powers.

Two expansions packs had been released for the Cossacks: European Wars. The first one Cossacks: Art of War has large maps, 2 new nations, and 5 new campaigns. The second one Cossacks: Back to War also contains new maps, map-editor and nations but is a standalone game only. The game is highly admired and is well famous all over. Gamers just love these types of games and especially this one. Cossacks: European Wars has an edge over many other games of similar style.

Cossacks: European Wars Game System Requirements

Pentium 200 MHz CPU
32 Mb RAM
1 Mb Video RAM
200Mb HDD
Sound card
DirectX 6.0

Cossacks: European Wars DOWNLOAD
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