Counter Strike: Condition Zero

Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a first person shooter game developed by Valve Software and published by Vivendi universal. It was the fourth installment in the Counter strike games series by valve. Contributions to the development of Counter strike: Condition Zero was also made by Gearbox Software, Ritual Entertainment and Turtle Rock Studios. It was released on Microsoft Windows only on 21 March, 2004. It uses famous Half Life GoldSrc game engine that delivers excellent graphics to play with. Counter Strike: Condition Zero can be played either single player version or in multiplayer version and it also requires very less system requirements.

The game incorporated the similar game play as other counter strike games but also included lot of visible changes over other games of the series. Counter Strike: Condition Zero unlike other games, was the first game of the series to include single player mode. Prior to it, no other game was available in single player mode. Its multiplayer mode is the updated mode to the previous counter strike games. Counter Strike: Condition Zero also include new updated maps and tweaks. The Artificial Intelligence is also perfect in the game. In single player Counter Strike: Condition Zero players can also unlock maps.

Because Counter Strike: Condition Zero is a modified version of the original game so it incorporates similar maps, textures and graphics but with minor modifications. Several new maps had been released some of which contains in game advertising now. Even though Counter Strike: Condition Zero is not available for Xbox but Turtle Studio has released some maps that are incorporated in the Xbox version of the game. Like other online multiplayer games, Counter Strike: Condition Zero also features clans and communities. Several players can play the game under single community and name. Communities can consist of even more than 50 players.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero Game System Requirements

• Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / Seven
• Processor: Pentium III 500 MHz
• Memory: 128 Mb
• Video: 16 Mb, compatible
• Free space on hard disk: 1,49 Gb

Counter Strike: Condition Zero DOWNLOAD
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