International Cricket Captain (ICC) 2008

International Cricket Captain 2008 is a sports simulation game based on the one of the favorite and royal sports of all time, Cricket. The game was developed and being published by Empire Interactive. The game is a sequel to the 2007 cricket video game International Cricket Captain III. ICC 2008 is an eleventh installment in the International Cricket Captain series and the 10th to be released under the similar name. Empire has released free International Cricket Captain 2008 download that is given at the end of this review. Well you can play this game in either single player mode against robot or can compete online with your friends in a multiplayer mode.

Do you know what best thing about this game is? International Cricket Captain 2008 is an up-to-date cricket video game.. Also the game lets you place field dynamically. It has been built on new custom 3D game engine introduced last year. The graphics of the International Cricket Captain 2008 are excellent. Even this edition is miles better than the previous one. However, just like predecessor ICC III, player is penalized for skipping matches or not making runs. Hardcore gamers don’t like this feature of International Cricket Captain 2008. Hawk-eye technology has been introduced in the cricket video games through this game. This is a familiar technology to cricket fans which is used to depict the line and length of the ball especially used while giving LBW decisions.

International Cricket Captain 2008 includes both domestic and International cricket. Famous county cricket of England is also featured in this game. Player is given two different responsibilities in this game. ICC 2008 let player act as a captain of the team and also as a team manager. As a team manager, his role is to manage every aspect of the team both on-field and off-field. Unlike previous games of the series, now new measures have been introduced for coaching. Now players can work on specific areas unlike generic batting and bowling trainings of the previous games.

International Cricket Captain (ICC) 2008 Game System Requirements

1GHz processor or higher
System Memory. 256MB (98SE/ME/XP/2000) 512MB (VISTA). (we would advise that you turn off any background programs under Windows Vista to improve software performance)
Windows Operating System. 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
300 MB free hard disk space
CD-ROM x 4
DirectX 9.0 compatible Graphics Card with 64 MB of Video Memory *Please note: International Cricket Captain 3 does not support Integrated/Onboard graphics chipsets and laptops.
DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card (16 bit)
DirectX 9.0c (included on CD)
Keyboard and Mouse

International Cricket Captain (ICC) 2008 DOWNLOAD
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