Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2, the second installment in the resident evil games series, was developed and published by CapCom. The game made use of modified QUARK, a modified Quake game engine to deliver excellent output at the user end. It is also known by the name Biohazard 2 in Japan. In rest of the world it is termed as Resident Evil 2. It is a survival horror game where player uses to fight several mutated creatures (zombies) and solving puzzles while crossing the level from third person perspective. Biohazard 2 is available in single player mode for PS, PC, Nintendo Gamecube, DreamCast, and Nintendo 64. The game was released on 21 January, 1998 for PlayStation continuing to Nintendo GameCube as on 14 January, 2003.

Resident Evil games are being associated with survival horror genre video games but this game also included elements of science fiction and third person shooter. Player can complete Resident Evil 2 after going through various levels and tackling zombies in those levels. Player is powered with firearms and a knife. Also, player’s health and energy level can be determined by looking at his body language. There are two playable scenarios in the Resident Evil 2. The second scenario gets unlocked after first is finished and saved. Lot of things in second scenario depends upon the actions taken by the player in the first scenario. There is also some unlockable weapons in the game that player is given access after completing a scenario in certain requirements.

Resident Evil 2 is played from a third person perspective and everything in the game depends upon the player’s action. The plot for the game is set in the Raccoon City that has been infected by plague. Player’s role is to protect the city from zombies by taking either of the two characters: Leo S. Kennedy, a police officer or Claire Redfield, a college student. The game would have been released in 1996 but because of dissatisfaction of developers it was released two years later. Also as a Biohazard 2 in Japan, it was released a weak later than American release. Resident Evil 2 was later modified to support DualShock technology for PlayStation. This version was called DualShock version. There are few other differences between Biohazard 2 and Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 Game System Requirements

DirectX 6.0 compatible sound and video card

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