Spore Creature Creator

Few days back, EA launched Spore Creature Creator for Spore 2008 video game. Now it has released a patch for Spore Creature Creator full version. If you have full version of th elauncher, this patch is for your convenience.

Spore Creature Creator free full version patch has been released soon after the actual release. There were certain issues identiofed in the game that were necessary to fix. Issues fixed are improved thumbnail resolutions for saved creatures, system hang problem fixed, fixed crash associated with EADM, and fixed character dis-appearance when save flow is interrupted. Other modifications made to this Spore Creature Creator free full version patch are five new animations added, Spanish and Polish readme files updated, support for PNG and updated the EULA found in the installer.

You can download Spore creature Creator full version patch from below. To download free full version patch, just visit the below link.

Spore Creature Creator DOWNLOAD
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