SWAT 3 or SWAT 3: Close Quarters Battle is a 1999 tactical first person shooter game developed and published by Sierra Entertainment. It was released on 23 November, 1999 for Microsoft Windows and is compatible with Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating systems only. SWAT 3 is single player game but multiplayer option is also available in upgrades. It is also called by the name SWAT 3: CQB as an acronym. It is the biggest selling video game of the series and as popular as the earlier titles of Police Quest from which it originated.

Although SWAT 3 originated from the Police Quest but it was developed completely on new game engine and with advanced AI techniques. The game depicts simulated environment developed very accurately. Game is based on CQB activities. Player takes the role of LA Police Commandant who is leading a team of 5 SWAT. Players aim is to safeguard city from criminals, splinter groups, terrorists and safeguards native from the nuclear threats. Player in SWAT 3 is also responsible for keeping an eye on the important treaty signed. The plot for the game is set in the 2005 Los Angeles just before when UN Nuclear Abolishment Treaty was signed.

SWAT 3 features 16 missions based on different activities. Some real world locations of LA are also depicted in the game. The game is different from other games in the sense that player arrests the suspected and not shoot him down. Player also takes the role of Police Officer in SWAT 3 unlike other tactical first person shooter games like Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Four types of weapons are included in single player. Some of these weapons are additionally modified to make SWAT take advantage of the situation. Bullet fired can also dig the wall, so spray-fighting in SWAT 3 may be a risk against innocents.

SWAT 3 has levels of difficulty namely easy, normal and hard. SWATs look like real officers and have metal jackets also. Life bar indicates the health of the team. Game has two missions: stealth and dynamic; within the game. Dynamic mode is more quick and explosive. SWAT 3’s three versions were released before SWAT 4 was released in 2005. Elite Edition included multiplayer version that was not previously included in the close quarter battles. Game of the Year Edition was also released with few more scenarios. All these upgrades are free and are available for free at official website.

SWAT 3 Game System Requirements

Windows XP or Windows Vista, 1 GHz Processor (1.4 GHz recommended), 256MB RAM (512 recommended), 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 7 (compatible with DirectX 9 recommended), Mouse, Keyboard.

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